Only the meticulous implementation of chosen strategies results in long term success. Focusing the company on customer needs and on core strategies is important, but that can be of little use if the resulting plans are not well implemented. At SEMPORA we are committed  to supporting our clients in all aspects of successful strategy implementation

Training & Development

Ultimately it is company employees who make changes and transformation a success, with successful implementation built on involving all relevant staff throughout all phases of a project. This normally requires new training & development programmes, often involving trade partners.
Such training and development programmes are crucial to ensure the transformation of strategies developed by senior management into understandable, precise and accepted workable actions and tasks for operational teams. As an implementation oriented consultancy SEMPORA has extensive experience of supporting such transformations.

Processes & Structures

Successful change management has to build on employee motivation as well as on a thorough understanding of staff capabilities. Finding ways of optimising how single individuals and teams work together when roles and responsibilities might have changed can be crucial. New roles and responsibilities, along with new reporting structures and even adjusted resourcing all need to be carefully managed.
SEMPORA consultants understand the sensitivity of issues relating to changes in organisational structures and processes and always seek to build trust based client relationships in support of change

Remuneration & Reward Systems

Variable compensation components are the basis of successful reward systems for sales teams in nearly all industries. Established systems might not be in tune with the company’s strategic market objectives, or they might lack sales orientation. Old reward systems might hamper change and thus future success. SEMPORA builds and implements reward systems that increase employee motivation and that are fair and performance focused, at the same time as making sure they are aligned with market objectives and strategies.

Implementation Audits

At SEMPORA we consider implementation support an important part of our consulting work. We believe in revisiting important project issues some time after the project has been completed. We verify that the planned implementation schedules and issues are on track or whether new information or market changes require adjusting the chosen route.
To achieve this, SEMPORA uses qualitative and quantitative implementation audits. We sometimes use standard tools for this, but tailor made approaches are often needed.