The Management Team

All of our Directors have substantial hands-on experience in management roles as well as in strategy development. Our team has combined experience of:

  • Strategy development
  • Strategic review
  • Market analysis and research
  • Marketing & sales planning
  • Marketing and sales operations
  • Management buy-outs and leveraged finance
  • Corporate investments or acquisitions
  • Strategic decisions such as hold/invest/divest
  • Price management (B2B, B2C)

Arnt T. Brodtkorb

Arnt T. Brodtkorb

Tobias is a founder and Managing Partner of SEMPORA Consulting. He has 9 years of operational experience in sales and marketing. After graduating in Business Studies from the European Business School in London, he worked for Kraft Jacobs Suchard, Reckitt Benckiser and then Eckes AG (Schneekoppe), where he was Marketing & Sales Director for healthy foods as well as having responsibility for the R&D and Export divisons. 

This was followed by 5 years working for major management consultancy companies, including Gemini Consulting, focusing on strategy, marketing and sales. Tobias believes that market success depends largely on the speed with which market-beating concepts are developed and put into practice.

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Thomas J. Golly

Thomas J. Golly

Thomas is a founder and Managing Partner of SEMPORA Consulting. He has spent 20 years in strategic consultancy, helping a broad range of market leaders to find innovative ways of responding to market challenges and achieving faster and sustainable growth. Prior to founding SEMPORA, his career took him to Gemini Consulting, where he was on the Consumer Products and Retail management team responsible for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

One of his strongest beliefs is that "the most successful market-focused strategies combine analytical rigour, inspiration and team enthusiasm for their implementation".

Thomas holds an MBA from Universitity of Bayreuth and received a scholarship to study at the Universtity of Nebraska - Lincoln (USA).

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Ulrich Zander

Ulrich Zander

Ulrich is a Managing Partner of SEMPORA Consulting and has been a member of the senior management team since the company’s foundation. Ulrich holds a degree in macro economics from the Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz, specialising in market-oriented strategy.

Starting his career in consulting, Ulrich fast became a trusted partner to his clients’ senior management teams. In his view, clients are looking for ‘state of the art strategies, combined with hands-on support for the implementation of solutions’.

Ulrich joined SEMPORA because he was fascinated by the opportunity to build and develop a highly ambitious consultancy practice, focused on satisfying customer needs.

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