Profitable brand leadership, innovation and effective portfolio management are key to market success. We support our clients with all elements of the marketing mix to help achieve long term, profitable growth.


A product is manufactured in a factory, whereas a brand is created conceptually and needs clear positioning. Resultant brand positioning - and this is valid for corporate brands as well as product brands - is a key factor in long term market success. We advise businesses across a range of sectors on the development of brand promises that allow a unique selling proposition.

Portfolio Management

Effective portfolio management requires a strategically proactive approach, and should focus clearly on profit targets for key brands and products. Aspects such as product life-cycles as well as depth and breadth of range also play a fundamental role. SEMPORA helps businesses optimise their portfolio strategy.

Innovation Management

Successful businesses achieve a higher proportion of income from products that have been launched in the last three years. Previously unrecognised ideas lie dormant at many businesses due to the absence of a thorough innovations process and lack of proactive management. SEMPORA helps its clients establish or optimise innovation processes as well as supporting the development of new market relevant ideas.

Marketing Efficiency

Marketing activity is characterised by high investement in brands and markets. But it is often difficult to measure or define return on investment, whilst past practice or short-sighted approaches often lead to inefficient use of the marketing budget. For example, what proportion of marketing spend really reaches the end consumer? Are the costs of external service providers competitive or too high? Based on marketing audits we help businesses refocus marketing budgets towards efficiency and return on investment.

Marketing Planning

Corporate aims are unlikely to be achieved without objective marketing planning, from strategy formulation to implementation. SEMPORA supports business with internal coordination of marketing planning processes, alongside adaptation of a client's established planning and control systems.

End-user Pricing

The right end-user price plays a crucial role in determining overall success in a market as well as profitability and so is a fundamental element of the marketing mix. SEMPORA supports companies define pricing models and agree price points, whilst taking into account trade margin expectations.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube, Skype & more: social media’s exponential growth has been one of the drivers of development in the internet as well as online marketing & promotion. Combined with the rapid development of the mobile internet, new opportunities emerge for brand building, addressing new target groups, sales promotions and gaining insights into customer behaviour and attitudes. The Fast increasingly dominate the Slow - SEMPORA develops business specific strategies that use social media, to help our clients gain the lead.