Our core business is supporting businesses with strategy development and implementation. 
We help our clients to create and sustain competitive advantage in the market place.

Market development

Market conditions change with increasing speed, caused by changes in information flows and buying-behaviour and driven by expanding networks of communications and distribution channels. This dynamic development offers considerable opportunities for decision-makers who can understand and exploit market changes more quickly and effectively than their competitors - and so win market share.

SEMPORA helps businesses develop forward-looking market strategies that take account of current and future success factors in their markets and supports them through the process of implementing new plans.

New markets

When new markets open up and existing ones are liberalised, there is increased pressure to change service offerings and requirements at all value-creation stages, with consumer trends moving quickly across market borders.

Whilst business are under increasing pressure to continually improve their market performance, players from other markets are drawn in by new opportunities. And in an area when business models can emerge, mature and dissolve with a rapidity not previously experienced, owners expect senior management to recognise attractive business areas before others and to exploit them more quickly than the competition.

SEMPORA supports shareholders and senior management to systematically identify, evaluate and develop new markets, strategically and operationally. 

Post Merger Integration

A central reason for strategic mergers and acquisitions is the opportunity to realise synergies - whether on the cost-side in the form of volume benefits from the supply chain and centralised services or on the sales-side in the form of complementary ranges, additional customers or new marketing channels.

An effective post merger process calls for a high level of professionalism based on experience of managing complex project requirements and using proven project tools. Successful integration requires a management team with a 360 degrees view based on thorough market and business expertise and an ability to motivate the employees during the transformation process.

SEMPORA consultants support businesses during all phases of a post merger process with proven approaches and methods, whilst taking a broad perspective of the challenges to be resolved. 

Growth strategy

Businesses with firm foundations understandably seek to grow with the trends in expanding markets. Evidence of successful management is growth above the market average, a growth at the expense of the competition – achieved without disappointing owners’ profit expectations in the process, and preferably exceeding them.

Working with management to identify the sources and success factors for profitable growth is one of SEMPORA’s central areas of expertise.

Online- & Mobile Strategy

Changes in the online world are having an increasing effect on businesses. Traditional business models are brought in to question and new business models suddenly become possible because of the internet. Their basis is an increasingly differentiated and more directly targeted form of communication and the potential to directly sell products and services as a result. Smartphone penetration provides for a further acceleration of these processes. In particular, opportunities arise through a better understanding of consumers, new mechanisms for brand building and increasing loyalty from customers and other stakeholders in the business.

The development and periodic review and overhaul of online and mobile strategy is decisive for many businesses, and serves to strengthen the competitive position in the face of dynamic change.

SEMPORA´s online and mobile strategy development service is based on our own original studies on current trends as well as a network of international online experts.

Sustainability (CSR)

A large proportion of customers and other stakeholders now expect businesses to provide a suitable and responsible policy towards customers, the environment, employees and general business behaviour and ethics. Failure to meet such expectations has a clear negative influence on brand value, subsequently on turnover and profitability and ultimately on total shareholder value.

SEMPORA supports businesses in establishing sustainability policies within the gene code of a business.