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Thomas J. Golly

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Consumer travel and leisure behaviour is continually changing due to trends away from packaged tours to more individual trips (often booked through the internet), new travel products and approaches, recession and financial crisis.

With the market in the process of such dramatic change, travel and tourism companies have to re-invent themselves to deal with the new market challenges.

SEMPORA supports all players along the tourism value chain: tour operators, airlines, hotel chains, online and offline travel agencies, incoming agencies, and related leisure services like live-entertainment companies and ticketing companies.
The following assignments have recently been completed:

  • Development of an integrated sales effectiveness programme
  • Implementation of multi-channel strategy
  • Design of partner-programmes (B2B)
  • Optimisation of sales team deployment
  • Development and implementation support of terms and provision systems for travel agencies (offline/online)
  • Sales team reorganisation
  • Programme to increase sales force effectiveness and productivity
  • Development of a new sales force remuneration system
  • Post merger integration in the ticketing market
  • M&A: screening of European ticketing markets

SEMPORA regularly works with senior management on market-winning strategies in travel & tourism. We strive to develop new and innovative approaches based on a deep understanding of market trends and challenges. To support this we regularly conduct independent studies covering new market trends (for example our study on RoPo - Research Online / Purchase Offline).




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